dvm (87)The recent advances in veterinary medicine are astounding and mirror that of human medicine. Let us assist you in giving your pet the advantage of these modern diagnostics and practices.

Yearly examinations for young and adult animals and twice yearly examinations for senior animals are the cornerstone of good health. Many vaccinations are now given every three years, but that doesn’t abate the need for an annual examination. Dental disease, weight changes, those funny little lumps and bumps can all signal the need for intervention. We pay special attention to the needs of advanced screenings required by senior pets. We carry safe, effective flea/tick and heartworm control products as well as diets and supplements that will help your pet live life to the fullest. The practice of preventive medicine is our highest priority, to help ensure that your special friend is with you for a long time.

Internal medicine diagnoses can be challenging but the veterinarians at Takoma Park are skilled in interpreting the advanced testing they perform. We work closely with area specialists, too, for your pets continued health and wellbeing.

We are pleased to offer the following medical services:

  • Comprehensive physical examinations and vaccinations as currently recommended by the AVMA
  • Behavior consultations
  • Dermatology evaluations and treatment
  • Allergy testing and treatments
  • Internal medicine diagnostics and treatments
  • Heartworm treatment and preventative
  • Digital radiology and in-house bloodwork
  • Arthritis treatment and management, including Laser therapy
  • Hospice care and euthanasia counseling
  • Soft tissue surgery, with or without laser assistance
  • General dentistry with or without extractions