Senior Pet Care


Senior/Geriatric Care

Pets age faster than us, so cats and dogs can be considered seniors when they reach just seven years of age. As pets grow older, their health needs change. That’s why, at Takoma Park Animal Clinic, we provide specialized veterinary care for pets to keep them healthy throughout every stage of life.

Senior Pet Wellness Exams in Takoma Park

We recommend that senior pets visit us for two wellness examinations and health screenings per year. During these appointments, we’ll perform a whiskers-to-tail physical examination, run blood tests, and we might even recommend regular x-rays to screen for internal changes that could indicate illness.
These exams and tests allow our veterinarians to keep a close watch over your pet’s health, increasing the chances that we’ll diagnose new problems as soon as they arise. With early diagnosis and prompt treatment, many age-related diseases can be managed quite well.
Regular wellness appointments are especially important for pets living with chronic health conditions. With each exam, we’ll ensure your pet is doing well and adjust treatments or medications, as needed.

Common Age-Related Diseases

Older pets are at an increased risk of developing the following health problems:

Senior Pet Care Advice

In addition to more frequent veterinary exams, senior pets will also benefit from a variety of lifestyle and dietary changes. This might include adjusting their food quality and calorie intake in addition to providing nutritional supplements designed to help them stave off the symptoms of age-related illness.
Additionally, our veterinarians will help you make changes in your pet’s environment and activities to keep them healthy, comfortable, and happy throughout their golden years. This might include dental care, modified exercise routines, raised food and water bowls, providing steps onto the sofa or into the car, and orthopedic pet beds.
We’ll provide you with all the guidance you need to fully understand how your pet’s health might shift as they age.

Help Your Pets Age Gracefully with Senior Pet Wellness Care

With regular wellness appointments, our veterinarians can work with you to develop a senior health plan designed to meet your aging pet’s ever-changing needs. Contact Takoma Park Animal Clinic to learn more about geriatric veterinary care for senior pets or to schedule an appointment for your gray-whiskered companion.