In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory

Many of the acute and chronic health conditions that affect dogs and cats have very similar outward symptoms and signs. As a result, achieving an accurate diagnosis is often very difficult with a physical examination alone. In order to safely and effectively treat your pet, we must first understand what’s causing his or her illness, and that’s where diagnostic testing comes in.

In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

At Takoma Park Animal Clinic, we have an in-house laboratory with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. We are able to collect test samples from pets, process them, and return the results to you often during a single appointment time. This means our patients receive quick diagnoses and swift treatment.

Blood Chemistry and Urinalysis

These tests help our veterinarians evaluate your pet’s organ function and body chemistry. They can be used to detect the earliest signs of health problems such as heart disease, cancer, infections, endocrine disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, and more.

Fecal Testing

Fecal exams are used to screen pets for intestinal parasites and can also be useful in a variety of other clinical settings.

When Do Pets Require Laboratory Tests?

Signs and Symptoms of Illness

Most frequently, we recommend laboratory tests to aid with a diagnosis when a pet shows signs or symptoms of illness.

Wellness Screening

Additionally, laboratory tests might also be recommended during routine wellness exams to screen pets for early signs of developing diseases. This is often recommended for senior cats and dogs or pets whose breeds might be genetically predisposed to developing certain conditions.

Pre-Surgery or Pet Dental

To ensure pets are healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia during a surgical procedure or a pet dental appointment, we will first run a routine blood test to evaluate the health and function of your pet’s organs.

Learn More About Our Takoma Park Veterinary Clinic's In-House Diagnostic Services

If our veterinarians recommend a laboratory test for your pet, we will discuss the results with you as soon as the test is complete. These test results should enable us to determine an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s underlying illness to recommend a safe and effective treatment plan. If you have any questions about your pet’s recent results or treatment options, we welcome you to contact our veterinarians at Takoma Park Animal Clinic.